VA – Junior Vasquez Unreleased DJ Mix / Eightball Records Digital

Junior Vasquez Unreleased DJ Mix


LABEL: Eightball Records Digital
GENRE: House
RELEASED: 2018-07-20


  1. Fred Jorio, Lectroluv – Dream Drums 05:21 121bpm/
  2. Fred Jorio, Lectroluv, Junior Vasquez – Dream Drums (Junior Vasquez All Over Sound Factory Remix) 10:58 122bpm/
  3. Johnny Hanson – Mr Fantasy 08:03 126bpm/
  4. Junior Vasquez, Connie Harvey – Lift Me Up (feat. Connie Harvey) (Junior Vasquez X Beat Vocal Remix) 08:42 128bpm/
  5. Lectroluv, Fred Jorio, Junior Vasquez, Alvaughn Jackson – Struck by Love (feat. Alvaughn Jackson) (Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Remix) 11:29 123bpm/
  6. Mack Vibe, Junior Vasquez, Al Mack, Jacqueline – Mr Meaner (Ms-De-Meanor) (feat. Jacqueline) (Junior Vasquez & Al Mack Remix) 08:35 135bpm/
  7. Robert Aaron, Junior Vasquez, Edwige – Intoxication (feat. Edwige) (Junior Vasquez Translucent Remix) 09:36 122bpm/
  8. The African Dream, Mr. OneSter, Lee Rodriguez, Mr. Onester – All The Same Family 06:06 125bpm/
  9. Vanessa Evelyn, Manny Ward, Konrad Carelli – Sister Sister (Manny Ward & Konrad Carelli Remix) 09:40 126bpm/
  10. Victor Calderone – Give It UP 07:33 128bpm/
  11. Wave, Evil-O – Enjoy Life (feat. Evil-O) (Surreal Mix) 04:57 122bpm/
  12. Zoel, Junior Vasquez – Quiet (Junior Vasquez Vocal Mix) 09:01 127bpm/


Total Playtime: 01:40:01 min

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